For some travellers, there’s nothing more desirable than the hotel experience, awash in luxury and service. By definition, hotels are gathering spaces, filled with both staff and other guests. They are places where many objects from remote controls to furnishings are shared and reused by a visitor after visitor, sometimes with mere hours in between. If these facts never raised red flags for travellers in the past, they likely will now, at a time when social distancing and sanitizing are top of mind.

Finally, it’s important to remember that this is an evolving situation. It’s crucial to follow guidelines and advice set forth by organizations such as the CDC and WHO, and practice safety measures no matter where you go, including wearing a mask, washing your hands, and maintaining social distancing.

As you would expect, Tranquil Wild has announced wide-reaching new cleaning policies made in combination with health experts. In addition to cleanliness, these policies focus on social-distancing opportunities and contact-free transactions. Among its areas of focus are those high-touch surface areas, which now must be treated with hospital-grade disinfectants with greater frequency. 

Tranquil Wild aims to reduce person-to-person contact in various ways such as using signage in lobbies to remind guests of social distancing protocols, and removing or re-arranging furniture to allow more space to do so. Tranquil Wild wants their guests to understand what they are doing today and planning for in the near future in the areas of cleanliness, hygiene, and social distancing so that when they walk through the doors, they know their commitment to their health and safety is the first priority.

In this new environment, the notion of care will have a whole new dimension, and travel must be grounded in trust. This enhanced health and safety program builds upon our already stringent procedures. our employees and guests can trust that we are going above and beyond, making informed, expert-guided decisions when it comes to the implementation of health and safety measures at our property.

Our guests have appreciated all our hard work shaping amazing experiences. And because our score is more than a number, we’re honoured to recognise our individual efforts. We won 9.3 ratings for the traveller awards by from our loyal customers.