In recent years, many little lodges, unique guesthouses and eco-friendly hotels have sprung up to look after guests in some of Sri Lanka’s wildest off-the-beaten-track locations. They provide a fantastic option for accommodation in some of Sri Lanka’s most glorious natural environments and very often offer local employment and opportunities for sustainable, nature-friendly development. One such place is Tranquil wild located is Thanamalwila, close Lunugamvehara national park.

However, hotels like Tranquil Wild are suited for those who love a wild adventure! They are all unified by the simple fact that they are unique. You will love their setting, and think Sri Lanka tourism does quirky, outdoors and extra-special very well indeed. From remote jungle lodges to simple homestays in long-forgotten corners of Sri Lanka, there is a fantastic range for the adventurously-minded traveller.

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Often these eco-resorts offer a very high-end service ethos, but do not have the mod-cons you would expect in conventional hotels: you are highly unlikely to find air-conditioning or swimming pools (at least conventional ones!), and you might find a few more bugs than usual! Eco-hotels might be perfect for nature lovers, but not so great for others.

Eco-friendly travel has been around for decades, but as consumer’s interest in sustainability has grown so has green tourism. Today’s tourists prefer destinations that take initiatives to protect and preserve the environment. Practically everyone today is aware of how fragile our environment is, and the critical impact each of us has on it. As our natural resources are continuously depleted, travellers are grappling with what they can do individually to help.

Many are choosing eco-friendly alternatives that reduce their carbon footprint in efforts to do their part in preserving our threatened environment. Travellers believe that sustainable travel is more responsible and even more rewarding, authentic travel experience. Green travel is about moral travel.