Thanamalwila is located north of the Hambantota town and borders along with the main river system which often rages when there is ample rainfall. The unique ecosystem offers varying levels of wildlife which cannot be found in other parts of Hambantota. For example the Thanamalwila River. Thanamalwila River. Thanamalwila is located north of the Hambantota town and borders along with the main river system. This area is mostly untouched by tourists and is a great place to just hang out near the river. The only people you would find are a few villagers that come to bathe.

Thanamalwila is a small place and can be easily explored within a day. There aren’t many things to do and attractions to visit in this town. Also, being a small town, there are fewer accommodation options. People usually consider making a quick stop here before heading to the neighbouring cities. You can halt here for a quick snack and take a little break from your journey.

Thanamalwila Devram Vehera Rajamaha Viharaya is one of the hundreds of ancient temples belonging to the Magama Kingdom lying in the Hambantota District. Like many others, the archaeological value of the temple has been long neglected and is bound to disappear soon.

A preserved ancient stupa with a diameter of approximately 40 meters, rows of granite pillars of an ancient building can be seen at the temple today. This temple lies between Thanamalwila and Lunugamvehera junction in the area known as Kotakumbura next to the A2 road itself.

You will be lavishly experiencing the picnic excursions in the nearby area paving the way for you to enjoy the visits not only to famous nature reservoirs and historical Buddhist temples but also to typical rural village experience of the country and grab many more thrilling moments. Come, visit Tranquil Wild soon and experience the difference.