What favourite travel moments do you have? Moments of mayhem? Moments of silence? Community? Humanity? Sacredness? The unknown? The simple, poignant, ancient pleasures of food, drink, or friends? The warmth of the sun on the skin, or your feet on the ground? Encountering an elephant in Thanamalwila? 


There is nothing that has the potential to be as life-altering as a remarkable travel experience. While we may learn and grow on every trip we take, once in a while there is a special experience, a unique travel moment that changes a seemingly simple vacation into a life event.

They’re rare, no doubt about that, but when they happen are amongst the most special events of our lives. That is the power of travel to places like Thanamalwila, and to capture those special moments that ultimately drives you to seek new experiences in different parts of the world. 

These moments can take many forms and have any number of effects on us as people. Some open our eyes to a new world-view, others are much more personal and offer a true chance at self-reflection and emotional evolution. Other times, they are just fun, but on a level not normal for a simple trip. No matter when or where they happen or what they mean to us as people, we all have them and we’ve all been forever changed by them. 

It’s a fact that modern travellers tend to forget the basics. In an age when you can hop on a nonstop flight and be 1000 miles away in a few hours, it seems as if the world has never been smaller. But we forget just how massive this beautiful planet is and how many unique experiences there are to be had. We forget about the small inlets and towns like Thanamalwila which are nearly lost to time.  

Keep a diary to record those beautiful travel moments. Since a few years ahead a travel diary will bring out a lot of memories. From within which you will be delighted to recall the past experiences with family and friends. The next time you visit Tranquil Wild at Thanamalwila we assure you that a lot of unforgettable travel experiences can be carried forward.