The delicate truth of eating rice and curry as long-term food consumption is that it’s a beautiful dish that never gets boring. It contains many positive nutrients as Sri Lankan’s we love consuming it daily. Many of us have even got addicted to it. It’s an appetizing, exotic and healthy dish for the necessary care and wellbeing of the human body.

The portions served at Tranquil Wild are very generously sized and the food tastes absolutely authentic and homemade. A nourishing meal with value for money is what we offer with our healthy red rice and veg options prepared with minimal oil and not being overcooked at all.

Our menu offers Sri Lankan varieties for all three meals, whether you are looking at sambols, rottis, soups, curries or dedicated vegetable options. Pick your choice of rice and curries and order it separately from the menu; most portions are sufficient. Although it is just local cuisine that you are eating, our chef prepares it brilliantly and makes it seem absolutely unpretentious.

OFFER – Monday to Thursday – LKR Rs 3500 per person with Lunch & Breakfast

Along with the a-la-carte menu, we also have the rice set menu with incredibly fresh and moist rice just off the stove, complemented with a portion of papadam, fried and dried chilli, dry fish and a choice of vegetable curries from the options available for that day. The fully cooked rice has the highly spiced accompaniments rubbed into it and each mouthful is a tasty mix of flavours.

The best part of cooking Sri Lankan rice and curry is to get all those spices together. You need chilli powder and chilli flakes, roasted curry powder and unroasted curry powder, curry leaves and a dozen other things.  Imagine remarkably tasteful, smooth curries with a beautiful variation of vegetables, fish and chicken.

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