Holidays are never the same if you are travelling with children, compared to those holidays we all remember before we had kids! But equally, spending time with your family and visiting new destinations around Sri Lanka is an incredible experience. Especially when you make safari trips at the Lunugamvehera national park located about 20km from Thanamalwila

We understand that your primary focus for family travel is to find a destination and experiences that suit the entire family – and that can be a challenge. Sri Lanka is one of those places with something to offer everyone in the family. So, what are the best places to go to Sri Lanka on a family holiday and what can you see and do with your children so that everyone enjoys the holiday?

Based on reviews, we would surely recommend a stay at Tranquil Wild which is a one of a kind getaway. Set against the backdrop of Ranawaranawa Lake, located in Thanamalwila. With decades of experience planning family travel in Sri Lanka, these are some factors that we need to take into account when creating a customised family itinerary:

1. It’s important to have activities that you can do together as a family that all of you enjoy.

2. Some quality time for mum and dad – whether that be a kid-free dinner, a spa treatment or some time to just relax at the beach while the kids enjoy themselves.

3. Safe and enjoyable activities for the kids that are fun and educational.

4. An itinerary that moves at a family-friendly pace – after all we know from first-hand experience that long drives with small children and shifting hotels every day can be a challenge!

If you are planning your next family holiday to Thanamalwila and want to experience wildlife adventure together the next questions are – what are the top experiences and attractions for families? These are important questions considering that each family is unique and have their own unique expectations. We can include and suggest many other activities for family holidays to Thanamalwila, but these are a few of our favourites to give you an idea of what a holiday in Sri Lanka could look like.

We’ve also had many clients that travel with multiple generations – including grandparents, parents and grandchildren. We can create an itinerary that suits large families of several generations.

There is so much variety and diversity in Sri Lankan wilderness and plenty of wildlife viewing options available based on your preferences. For example, you can choose between the frequented parks versus the lesser-frequented parks. Lunugamvehera national park, one of Sri Lanka’s under rated national park with great biodiversity and good sightings is one we consider as a frequented park.

Sri Lanka has a range of really lovely accommodation options like Tranquil Wild that create a great safari atmosphere. Nonetheless, they are equally appealing. They are upmarket and have more options of luxury tented safari camps, If you want a total safari/ wilderness experience, as well as a combination of traditional hotels and mid-range accommodations then Tranquil Wild fits your budget.