Who doesn’t like to talk about food, wine, spas and similar indulgent experiences when on a holiday visit? If you’ve got these services, flaunt them. Gone are the stereotypical days of extravagant buffets and cruisers filling their pockets with crab legs before the seemingly endless piles vanish. But the buffets of today cater to a more discerning and well-travelled client.

Tranquil wild is famous for being surrounded by spectacular wildlife scenery, but it’s also become increasingly popular for its outstanding food and drink scene. Every visitors has been more than delighted with the food they offer. The menus are set for all ages and tastes, so families travelling don’t have to worry about the food.

Despite the accolades, it’s not a pretentious place – you might even see the chef come out to say hello, and ask what needs to be prepared. The menu is focused on with a modern twist and includes those comfort food classics that Sri Lankan love. The rise of healthier options certainly isn’t a surprise, considering “natural” and “fresh” have been the most bankable words in food for quite some time now. 

With more travellers seeking out authentic experiences and tastes, and with a built-in fan base from local residents, that’s a smart strategy. There remains a largely untapped opportunity to wow foodie guests with inspired service. Hospitality Food and beverage trends are always changing.  Finally, the “no reservations” trend is dying down. Happily accept reservations for your guests. 

Our staff can include small but meaningful aspects of service in the comments such as which groups need highchairs, or if they are celebrating an event. After our staff member has all the information, they select a table right on the floor plan, and it locks that reservation into place. We at Tranquil Wild understand each and every customer dining requirements therefore we adjust our services accordingly.

Technology can play a crucial role in optimizing your hotel’s food and beverage services. Technology makes it easier for our management to understand the hotel restaurant’s operations. Therefore we ensure that our guests have every convenience possible available to them. We use technology, and excellent staff to help your guests have a stress-free dining experience.