For many, the desire to escape the crowds that can be found in the more popular parts of Sri Lanka will be palpable and there are many amazing places where visitors have the chance to do just that. Remote, luxurious and with plenty to see and do during your stay, accessing such places may require a more arduous journey than normal, but the effort will be more than worthwhile for the truly remarkable experiences that each of these wonderful properties offers.

Highly intelligent and highly emotive, it’s not surprising that seeing elephants in the wild is a special and humbling experience. Watching a herd of elephants, the way they interact with each other – including the odd squabble, how they work together, protecting each other as one big family and the immense bond they share is truly remarkable. This is often touted as being one of the most rewarding and life-changing wildlife encounters you can enjoy. 

Apart from the elephants, there is so much wildlife that can be seen at Thanamalwila. Furthermore, the experience of temporary isolation from the busy city life gives you the most relaxing experience. Sometimes the wild nature around you makes you want to stay here forever.

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At Tranquil Wild, we organise spectacular wild holidays, tailor-made by our team of experts. We build all our holidays taking our clients’ wishes, interests and requirements into account. We believe that truly exceptional holiday experiences result from combining special places with memorable interactions. There is something truly magical about watching wildlife in its natural environment; feeding, playing and interacting with others.

A sparkling swimming pool offers the same amazing views as the rooms, whilst the beautiful main area of the lodge is a great spot to relax and enjoy the superb food, outstanding wine list and relaxed, natural hospitality that are all hallmarks of Tranquil Wild. A stay here is all about exclusivity and unique, personal experiences, with guests accommodated in beautiful rooms and suites throughout the old homestead.