Unlike other countries, Sri Lanka being a small island is truly blessed. You will enter numerous destinations from fabulous beaches to breathtaking mountain escapes and wild safaris with only a 3 to 6-hour drive from Colombo. Everything is within easy reach. From a vibrant city life trip in Colombo to a scenic tour to Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle to the stunning beaches down south and east to the Central Province’s picturesque hills and tea plantations. Always domestic tourism in Sri Lanka is a place like no other.

Cultural diversity

Producing social and cultural benefits for the domestic population who might not otherwise be able to experience the cultural and natural richness of their own country. Through the opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices that domestic travellers can bring, residents will also potentially develop a stronger interest in promoting ethnic, racial and religious tolerance; deeper appreciation of the country’s natural and cultural diversity.

Enabling local residents who have growing disposable incomes and their leisure time to participate in productive and satisfying experiences. As leisure time, disposable incomes and higher levels of education increase so do the need for a broader array of leisure experiences. Domestic tourism is a potential contributor to the quality of life of the resident population if it is carefully planned and properly delivered. Thus, places like Thanamalwilla located close to the lunugamwehera National Park has luxury boutique hotels like Tranquil Wild. Which is an ideal place for a local wild traveller and nature lover.

Domestic tourism programme

The Tourist Board of Sri Lanka is working on redistributing wealth within the nation’s boundaries. This re-distribution can be targeted to encourage the transfer of currency and other physical and human resources from relatively affluent portions of the country to economically less prosperous regions, through the strategically focused domestic tourism programme. Such activities are sure to boost the love for tourism in Sri Lanka and attract foreign investment.

Spreading development opportunities into the developing regions through the use of local resources that are natural and human suited to the domestic market as opposed to the international markets. By encouraging the regions to develop events, attractions and services that are suited to the domestic travellers and local, political, social and business institutions to gain an opportunity to hone their organisational and programme delivery skills – many of which are suited to application in a wide variety of development settings.

Sri Lanka has so much to offer

Sri Lanka has so much to offer to its travellers, especially the locals. Therefore if you happen to call a hotel for booking just before a long weekend, at most times all the rooms are filled. But currently due to the current ongoing COVID 19 issue, there has been a drop in domestic tourism. Apparently, when things get back to normal domestic tourism will skyrocket in the near future. The country is moving forward quickly as more and more people discover its myriad charms. Lying between the more trodden parts of India and Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka’s history, culture and natural beauty are undeniably alluring.