You must, first of all, find a suitable location where you want to go camping. It may be a national or state park, forest, campground etc. You should be evaluating certain criteria in choosing the location. Like the weather conditions, water, toilets, campsite, other facilities and safety. We recommend our location Thanamanwila, as we have special rates on offer at Tranquil Wild.

Camping Accessories

Tent: The camping tents are very common. So first a good tent is required which is offered by Tranquil Wild. How many people are you going with, how are the conditions in the area, what is your budget for the outing? There are several styles of tents on the market. And we offer a very easy to use tent. Practical preparation of setting up tent before the trip is important.

Sleeping pad: sleeping bag must be carried. Pick a bag that fits you.

Sleeping pad or mattress: Sleeping sheet may be used for your convenience. It can also be of assistance in cold conditions.

Cooking Equipment: If you plan to cook outside the tent then carry some cooking equipment that you need for cooking purposes.

Illumination: The illumination is really critical, too. Campsites don’t have sun, but the light setup will be useful during the dark hours. We offer some useful lighting equipment inside the tent.

Emergency: First aid package, local chart, GPS etc are considered an emergency package.

Camp Chair: It’s totally up to to you. We can offer chairs for your use.

Others: Toothpaste and brush, sunscreen, soap, insect repellent etc.


Activities for Camping

Campfire: Campfire is a popular camping activity. It adds more amazing flavour to the campsite. We can assist you can do a plan for it.

Sports: Play kickball, cricket, chess etc

Discover Nature

  • Bird and Animal watching
  • Searching for fruits
  • Moving with firefly
  • Listen to nature
  • Taking picture

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