Wondering where to have fun-filled tourism in Sri-Lanka? Lunugamvehera National Park should be the top on your list, a huge forest with deciduous trees forming a canopy and open terrain with grasslands bordering southeast Sri-Lanka. We will basically be talking about what wild life species that you can expect to see on a safari to Lunugamvehera National Park.

Lunugamvehera is segmented into blocks, which are meant for tourism, the other zones are basically reserved for the documentary.

It has most of its rainfall between august and  December making the best time to visit as tourist s  between February and August when the water levels are minimal.

A total of 44 species of mammals and 215 bird species inhabit there, its famous inhabitants are a concentration of leopards, jackals, spotted deer elephants, peacocks, and crocodiles.

Leopards:– There are the foremost predator of Lunugamvehera National Park., there are over 25 individual leopards in Block 1, you might be lucky to see one, if you are not, go more than once to increase your chances.

Elephants– about 300-350 elephants are estimated to resides in Lunugamvehera national park, they are mostly found in herds, few of the elephants present are with very huge with tusks.

Sloth bear-  sloth bears are omnivores a special type of animals, they feed both on plants & injects and a usual prey to leopards, an eventful display you can witness is when leopards are on hunting them.

Peacocks-  wild male and female peacocks are commonly found, you will definitely see a scene where make out on a show for the female by erecting and fanning out their feathers, a very magnificent display right there.

Spotted deer-  the post would have been incomplete without Including them, there are very pretty, you can easily identify them by their white-spotted back, they are the primary prey for the leopards.