Sri Lanka has plenty to offer for any kind of traveller: enjoy the beautiful outdoors? The Island has stunning hiking paths with panoramic views of tea fields and waterfalls. Sort of a “pool chill” type of traveller? Sri Lanka has world-class luxurious and specialty hotels all over the country with stunning spas and swimming pools. Or are you an expert surfer, huh? Great – amazing, uncrowded ocean breaks up and down the coast.

Relax in the wild

Sri Lanka has a very high level of biodiversity and is considered to be one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots. You can’t visit Sri Lanka without visiting one of the several national parks to seek and catch a glimpse of an elusive spotted leopard or to see elephants, leopards, deer, monkeys, mongoose, wild boar, water buffalo, peacocks and several other majestic animals in their natural environment. It also happens to be one of the best places to see Asian elephants in the wild. You should visit places like Thanamalwila to see wild elephants which are located in the Uva province in Sri Lanka.

Surfers Paradise

The coast is home to wistful beach breaks for beginners, and waves and coral break for experienced surfers. The best part of it? The lineup itself is mostly uncrowded so that you can grab wave after wave after wave. Not to mention, the water is really dry for much of the year, so you can leave your wet suit at home. The surf season in southern Sri Lanka runs from November to April (though you can always find fantastic surf spots during this season) and the surf season in the eastern side of the country ranges from May to October.

Fresh Produce and Food

Sri Lanka cuisine is typically wholesome, relatively healthy, and features a wealth of spices and flavours. Quintessential Sri Lankan meals consist of colourful curries, rice and roti, but also string hoppers (steamed rice noodles), kottu (a carb-heavy diced roti dish, often served with veggies, eggs or chicken), tons of fresh seafood and an abundance of wonderful tropical fruit. In addition to this Ceylon Tea & some of the spices like Cinnamon are among the best in the world.


Sri Lanka is a tropical Island, therefore anticipate plenty of blissful sunlight and blue skies all year round, except for the summer months when it can be a bit more hot and gloomy. That being said, the weather is fairly good if you prepare accordingly, and the country provides some of the most stunning sunsets that you can see. The central portion of the southern half of the island appears to be colder than the coastal areas.

Wide Assortment of Accommodation Options

There are rooms for every type of traveller and for every type of budget – Sri Lanka has it sorted. There are not only beautiful five-star hotels but also Luxury boutique hotels like Tranquil Wild located in remote locations like Thanamalwila, which is a perfect retreat to relax in the wild. Furthermore, you get converted colonial houses, eco-lodges and luxury tents basically, anything your heart desires.