Nothing seems to cause more pre-travel anxiety than packing. To help ease the pain, we have some simple tips that will help you travel comfortably and fashionably.

Tip 1 – The Right Footwear

Whatever you do, make sure your “daily” shoes are comfortable and that your socks fit! You’ll probably find yourself walking much more than you do at home and nothing is worse than having blisters your first day out. If you bought new shoes, wear them a lot before you go. If you think they are even a little uncomfortable, think about trying another pair. Besides being comfortable, the shoes you plan to wear throughout the day should have a good sole. Your favourite “flats” may feel like slippers, but imagine how they would feel if someone was tapping the bottom of your feet with a brick all day. You need something between you and those stones and a thicker sole with some “give” will add hours to your daily enjoyment.

Tip 2 – Plan what you need to carry

Whether you look better in black and white or brown and beige, select the main colour grouping. Not only will you need to bring fewer clothes, but all the things that go along with it – jewellery, shoes, socks, belts, etc. Pack key items that will add instant style to any wardrobe without taking up much space.

Tip 3 – Medications

Prescription medications, and a copy of your prescription, should stay with you either in your carry-on or purse. However, do not try to bring a drug store with you “just-in-case”. Just make sure you carry your necessary medications for you and your family, especially if you have small children in the group.

Tip 4 – Luggage Matters

The biggest change in luggage is wheels, and one has to wonder what took them so long to come up with it! If you’re thinking of replacing even one of your bags, definitely consider one that rolls. And, if you’re only getting one new one, make it your biggest. You can hook smaller bags to it and save your back and free up your arms for other things. Make sure you choose luggage that has enough space to carry all that you need.

Tip 5 – The Purse

Bring one purse that will go with everything – make it light, and make it safe. A heavy purse can do serious harm to your back. Remember you’ll be out and about for many hours at a time. Moreover, carry a purse that does not burden you, but make sure you have enough money with your credit cards to cover your travel expenses.